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    Our entire range is crafted from 100% recycled medical tray waste, sourced specifically from nitrile gloves. Renowned for their durability and remarkable heat resistance, these materials offer both sustainability and resilience.


    Embracing a local, on-demand 3D printing approach, we champion the most eco-conscious method of production. By sidestepping excess inventory and minimizing transportation, this process significantly curtails waste and storage requirements.


    Upholding our commitment to quality without compromising environmental ethics, we meticulously select suppliers who adhere to stringent environmental and social standards. Careful scrutiny ensures our products align with our sustainability ethos.


    At every stage of our product's life cycle, we prioritize reducing carbon emissions.
    Opting for sea freight over air transportation and restricting international shipping, we actively diminish our carbon footprint.

Story of Renascita

In the heart of bustling city streets, Renascita emerged as a beacon of environmental revolution. With a visionary mission to transform discarded nitrile gloves, once forgotten in heaps of waste, into beautifully crafted notebooks, Renascita breathed new life into sustainability. Each notebook became a testament to innovation with pages whispering tales of renaissance, where waste found purpose. Renascita's dedication to reducing waste and recycling materials echoed a poignant harmony with the environment, offering a tangible hope for a greener tomorrow. Our upcycled notebooks weren't just products; they were vessels of change, bridging the gap between conscious consumerism and ecological responsibility, igniting a movement where every purchase told a story of renewal and conscientiousness.

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